Welcome To My Blog

I always wanted to be a writer. I’m sure some of you out there are wondering, “okay but just how can you take on another blog?” Honestly, I don’t have an answer for you. When I started thelazygeeks.com, it was my intention to only use that to supplement the podcast we were/are doing. When I established themiddleagedgeek.com, that was my intention to discuss geek related topics outside the news parameters of The Lazy Geeks. Now, I have my own personal blog. I guess it has something to do with always wanting to be a writer.

My passion for writing came in the form of writing screenplays. I know some writers do not consider screenwriting technically writing. However, I do. I always have. Much like I consider comic book writing a very interesting profession. In some instances, screenwriting and comic writing are more challenging since you must tell a story in the confines of a certain number of pages. A novelist has time (i.e. pages) to layout his ground work and world in however many pages they see fit. While novelists may not consider writers outside their field to not actually be writers, I do consider their work a bit more difficult.

The more I ponder my passion for writing, the more I think that passion is the extension for my earlier passion for acting. I loved acting and still do. When I see a solid performance, it inspires me to consider taking it up again. Much like exercise, when you begin to plan everything you need to do, you begin to wonder if it is worth it. My passion for writing comes in those same waves. I can write and burn myself out thinking many of the things I write are uninspired or hack material. All I need to do is see a solid movie or television show by some of my favorite writers and I am back again pounding the keyboard.

As I have gotten older, I have begun to see things in different lights. Do not get me wrong, but I still have a strong passion for the geek side of me. However, I have developed sides that do not fit in those areas. I have strong (adult-like) thoughts and opinions that most people dismiss simply because I read comics or play video games. While the stigma of being a geek has worn off, there are still avenues that people believe in the world in which geeks reside. That being in the world of Halo or Marvel, which is far from the truth.

I do have some thoughts, observations, theories and ideas that I may want to share. Yes, they may affect the reality (or crackpot reality) that we reside now, but they are viewpoints nonetheless. I do have opinions and views that may counter to your belief, simply because I tend to remove the emotional aspect from the argument. Nor do I shout people down if theirs differs from my own. That is debate or discussion.

In the end, I believe that I started this blog (my third one) simply to give myself an outlet for something outside of the world of geek. Oh, believe me, some of it will creep in from time to time. However, if I wish to be a writer then I need to write. Regardless of whether it is in a script, tweet or blog post. I have my geek sides covered. Now, I need to look at the adult in me and give myself a platform to express my thoughts, observations and memories. With that being said, welcome to my blog.




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