Pull Up Your Pants

The sad answer to that question is that it always did. Except if you wore a Zoot Suit. Those guys looked pretty pimp, but still those guys didn’t look very “gangsta”. I never understood the concept of looking this way as a signal that you were some type of badass or made you look “hard”. If you asked me, it made it look like you were trying to over compensate for something.

When you get older, you get a big truck or something that seemed like you were trying to make your junk seem bigger than it is. Thus is what is happening for this look. When you see a loser (I’m not going to call this person a guy or man, that would imply that he has some self-respect) walking around, you think he was trying to show the ladies that something is hanging to the floor. Which we all know it isn’t.

The garb has seemed to have gotten worse over the years. Now, I’m Mexican and I have seen some real tragedies in the wardrobe department. My favorite was the cholos that for some reason buttoning the two top buttons of their shirt made them look harder. All it made them seem was lazy, as they couldn’t bring themselves to button the rest of their shirt.

It seemed like they had spent all their time trying to iron the creases into their Dickies that they had no upper body strength to completely button up their shirt. I’m not going to even get into the hair style. Slicking your hair back is about as lazy and uninspired way that one can style their hair. Of course, during those hot summer months, you would see them on the corner with their long Dickies shorts and their to-the-knee athletic socks.

Of course, I was a teenager in the late-eighties to early nineties. I got to see all the different styles of “gangsta” like Dickies, Cross Colors, Hairnets, Doo-rags and Kango hats for a short time. It amazes me that any of these people didn’t get killed for simply wearing those clothes. To me, it seemed strange that not every one of them were able to get arrested by the police, as their pants were so low to the ground that they couldn’t run all that well.

I remember when my nephew (thankfully he grew out of this) would buy pants that were three sizes (minimum) too big for him and get a belt that fit him. It was supposed to make them look “gangsta” but all it did was look like he didn’t have enough time to make it to the bathroom. Now, I understand that sometimes we get pants that are a bit big for comfort, but when you can have another person in your pants – they are too big.

Now, they have gotten a little better but when you see guys with pants still hanging off their ass, it makes me wonder why wear pants at all. Not to mention, the layered thing is a bit much. I have seen guys wear boxers, basketball shorts and then a pair of jeans over it. Do you not want people to think you have no muscle mass and you are really a skeleton with some skin on it? I see guys on the bus with their pants below their butt and sit on bus seats. I don’t like sitting on those seats and I am wearing jeans properly. I can’t imagine simply wearing boxers as my only protection between whatever is on the seat and my skin.

It seems that people, especially those “gangsta” guys, think this makes them look like they will beat your face if you talk crap to them. Unfortunately, with the way they’re dressed, all you want to do is talk smack to them every minute of the day. Not to mention that it makes you look silly. If you want to see what “gangsters” truly looked like back in the day, then Google Al Capone or John Dillinger. That is a gangster. In the end, no one will take some skinny punk in an ill-fitting wardrobe seriously. If you think that makes you a man in this world, then you are sorely mistaken. Get a job, pay your bills, respect your wife and raise your kids. That makes a man. In the meantime, pull up your pants.




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